I had a dream of you last night.  I haven’t had dreams of you in a while.  The last time I had dreams of you was when we were still together and still happy and in love.  The last time your face seeped into my  slumber land was when I had those unpleasant nightmares of losing you and they felt so real and I was so scared.  I never actually thought my nightmares would turn into reality.  Tonight I dreamed about getting you back.  It was just one of those things that can only be in my dreams.  It was all too easy in my dream.  You gave in after my second time begging like it was a game or something the whole time and I started crying tears of joy when you accepted me back into your life.  They felt like those sentimental tears I cried at my brother’s wedding, but a billion times more passionate and personal.  I remember all of our adventures and cute inside joke and the way you never managed to care whether you were making a fool of yourself around me.  I thought we were the cutest thing on Earth, but now I wish I didn’t.  I wish I didn’t enjoy our time together and sometimes I wish I never met you. 

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“love in progress” by anatol knotek

(…and this is what love looks like, when you can’t keep the fire burning: http://visual-poetry.tumblr.com/post/495722300)

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A Reminder to My Heart

Here I am again.  In the same state as before.  I thought I could finally trust someone again, with myself and my heart, but it just ended in tears like the previous.  This time is a bit different though.  I feel bit calmer and I have little desire to get back out there.  I want things to be as they were once and I want to believe that we are inseparable again like you once encouraged me to think.  Now here I am broken and my life feels like a repetitive chain of nothingness.  I am still very young and I have my whole life ahead of me, but I feel like I’m suddenly running out of time like I could die any moment and I haven’t accomplished anything in the twenty years I have been on this static earth.  I am thankful I am not burdened by seeing your face everyday, reminding me how miserable I actually am.  I do not believe I would be able to put up the mask of sanity so easily.  I know I cannot do anything except move on with my life, but this is how I feel now.  This feeling I should remember oh too well for the next time I decide to utter the three naive little words that reveal that I am wrapped around their unforgiving finger.

2 years ago